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Oudheidkamer “Lemster Fiifgea”Museum

This local museum will inform you on the history of Lemmer, Presenting exhibits such as Lemsteraaken, a collection of Lemster chip-carved ceramics, costumes, fishery, pictures and books. Furthermore, temporary exhibitions are presented. Addres: Nieuwburen 1, Lemmer.

Jopie Huisman Museum

The history of rag and scrap iron dealer Jopie Huisman ( 1922-200). Pen and ink drawings, realistic an expressionist art. Workum. www.jopiehuismanmuseum.nl 

Duikmuseum (diving museum)

Kadijk 15, Lemmer


The wonderful world of orchids and butterflies. Your tropical journey is ready to start. Apart from tropical Malayan and Taiwanese gardens, new “Butterfly Valley” is unique in Europe. Luttelgeest. www.orchideeenhoeve.nl

Fries Scheepsvaart museum Sneek (Frisian Shipping Museum)

Hundreds of model ships, paintings, naval souvenirs, ship interior, equipment and tools tell the story of Frisian ship building and shipping. This museum furthermore comprises local Sneker museum, exhibiting typical premises. The Ice Hall enables you to experience the atmosphere of Frisian ice sports and the eleven-towns-tour. Interesting activities for children are permanently organized. www.friesscheepvaartmuseum.nl

Information Center Mar en Klif

Exhibitions and movies on the nature, landscape, and cultural history of South-West-Friesland. Theme routes for children and adults. Educational programs and activities for children. www.marenklif.nl

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