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‘Nuria is pleased to help you!’

Nuria Solans offers different Massages in our hotel. This is for our hotelquests and for the own cleintele Nuria. Under here you will find different Massages.

Hotstone Massage

Is a hotstone massage with hot stones. The average temperature is between 45 and 50 degrees. The stones are heated and kept at temperature in a heater filled with water.

Relaxing massage

The humanbody has the ability to heal itself, but sometimes needs a push to bring the process
back in motion. The classic massage is perfect for the inbalance in the body to repair and makes an important contribution to our overall health and wellbeing.

Sport massage

Sportsmassage keep the athletes healthy and injury free. Benefits of regular application of sportsmassage:
• Promotes the growth of muscle
• Increases the endurance of the muscles
• Recovery is better than just resting
• Keeps the muscles supple
• Make hardened tissue supple back
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Improves lymphatic drainage
• Accelerates the removal of lactic acid
• Less stress more inner peace
• Removes waste products from the muscles

Herbal stamp

The warm herbal stamps activate the blood circulation. The effect on your body is for example
purifying, relaxing, antichloristic. It promotes the digestion and you imunsystem.


Shiatsu means finger-pressure-technique and is based on the Chinese medicine and Western
knowledge of anatomy and Physiologies. Trough the thumb pressure become blockades localized and eliminated.

Chair Shiatsu

• Physical and mental relaxation
• Increases the concentration
• A better blood circulation
• More creativity and energy
• Flexibility of muscles and joints
• Rsi symptoms can reduce
• May reduce the symptoms of tennis elbow
• Can help prevent Burn-out
• Less stress and more inner peace
• The massage can be performed at work

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